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Why You Should Vaccinate Your Child

With flu season upon us, I think it is all the more important to talk about this.

Throughout your child’s life, they will receive a series of vaccinations to help protect them from contracting serious conditions. They can also receive the flu shot during flu season.

These days some parents are choosing to not vaccinate their children. Why? Aren’t they aware what this could do to other families?

This is what drives me nuts and makes me nervous for the future when all my kids start school.

Importance of Vaccinations

A majority of the sicknesses these vaccines cover are no longer an issue. The reason they no longer are threats is because of these vaccines and we have a better idea of how to take care of ourselves, medically speaking.

Medical technology has become a huge advantage to finding cures for many “uncurable” conditions. It has also helped us create better and safer vaccines over the years. We are more aware of how to treat sicknesses than we ever have before.

These vaccinations protect your child from getting these if an outbreak were to occur. With less children receiving vaccinations, they are all the more susceptible to contracting these dangerous conditions and spreading like wild fire.

So why question whether vaccinations are useful or not?

Reasons to Vaccinate

When it comes to your child, you want whats best for them. You have this constant urge to want to help them with anything. You try to protect them from getting hurt because they still are your “babies”.

I know what that feeling feels like now that I am a mom of 3. I worry about a lot of things when it comes to my kids. We all do. It’s in our nature.

So why put your kid in danger of catching one of these? More importantly why put other children at risk?

Here are some BIG reasons why you should vaccinate:

  • Schools are breeding grounds for germs.
  • Other children may have weaker immune systems.
  • You are protecting your child’s health and your family’s.
  • Helping your child’s body build an immunity to these diseases.1

Unpredictable Environments

There is a reason why doctors recommend newborns should not go out in public. Their immune systems are much more fragile and vulnerable than ours. Their tiny little bodies are still trying to figure out life outside the womb. Bringing them into unpredictable environments should make you worry.

Being a mom of twins that were born prematurely, I am that much more cautious of the environments I bring them to. Their immune systems are still more fragile than that of a full term healthy 4 month old.

There are also other moms out there who have older children that have weaker immune systems. Their struggle to keep up when their immune systems are compromised. These children get sick very easily and are missing school because of it.

Why be the reason to get your child and someone else’s child sick?

Keeping Your Child Healthy

We all don’t like to see our child deal with being sick. I think I wouldn’t be the only mom who strives to keep my children healthy as much as I can.

Now that my son is almost 2, I have made it a habit for him to wash his hands throughout the day ,especially before meals. He knows he can’t eat without washing his hands.

I also clean the house everyday and do laundry often. I change bed sheets often too. All these precautions I take are all small ways to keep my family healthy.

It is good habit to take these appropriate precautions to help keep everyone from getting sick often.

Vaccinations are also just one way to do so. Having young children with vulnerable immune systems is scary but that’s my biggest reason for choosing to vaccinate them. By protecting my child , I am also protecting other children we come in contact with.

My children’s health is very important to me as well as all the children around us. I won’t risk my own children and others health over this.

Choose a healthy life for your child.

Choose to protect your community.

Choose to vaccinate your child.


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