Why You Should Embrace Your Postpartum Body

For the longest time, I have had negative views towards my body. It has been something I have struggled with accepting ever since high school.

The type of body the media has deemed acceptable is unrealistic and unhealthy ,in my opinion.

Once a woman has her baby, every mom is expected or expects themselves to “lose the baby weight” afterwards. I am sure many of you will agree with me that that is another unrealistic expectation. Not everyone has the same body type or lifestyle habits.

So why is it still this way?

Pregnancy and Postpartum are complete opposites. Rightfully so but in a way, a pregnant mom and a new mom are often treated so differently.

Ya sure, the first few weeks of being a mom everyone is excited to see the baby and help you in some way. That’s great and all but after that first month, as a new mom, you are expected to be able to do “everything” after that. Even though your body just went through all of that work of labor and delivery (natural or belly birth), you’re expected to recover in about a day and a half or 2 days before released from the hospital.

Your body is literally trying to catch up but honestly it never will. Your body WILL NEVER BE THE SAME AGAIN. And that is okay.

You just birthed a baby out of your body. Something no one else but a mom will ever fully understand. While our bodies know exactly what it needs to do in labor and birth, it still takes a toll on us.

We still never feel quite the same.

What Our Bodies Face During Pregnancy

Our skin stretched to its limit, our joints softened causing aches and pains, our hips widened to clear the way for baby, our sleep was disrupted by frequent trips to the bathroom, our abdominal muscles were ripped or nearly ripped down the middle so our bellies could be bigger for baby, our diets were sabotaged by those angry hunger cravings, and the list goes on.

Spending umpteen hours laboring with intense contractions or laying vulnerable on an operating table takes alot of energy out of your body.

You should be applauding your body for pushing through such a monumental event.

The fact that our bodies WERE CREATED to birth a baby is crazy but also wonderful! As women, we were given the gift to bear children. Such a beautiful thing to experience.

Why I struggle with LOVING my body

Growing up, I always was self-conscious about my body and how everyone perceived me. I didn’t like wearing skimpy ,tight clothing. I didn’t think I looked “skinny” enough to wear that stuff.

Now that I am a mom of 3, I rarely ever wear anything tight-fitted still because of my “baby pooch”. Yes, I was pregnant with twins and my belly stretched alittle more than with my son.

I have stretch marks all over my belly and I am pretty sure my abs split (diastasis recti).

*When your pregnant belly needs to stretch more or make more room, the abdominal tissue holding the muscles together becomes overstretched causing the muscles to separate. Through proper exercise and stretching of these muscles it can be reversed.

So since I have had a continuous problem with self-confidence with my body, I don’t ACCEPT my postpartum body.

I tell myself “I wish I looked like her” or “I wish I looked better than this“. My husband will compliment me all the time and I know I respond with a scoff or I say something negative to it.

Lately, I have been more conscious of it before I say something and try to correct it. I know its a problem and really my postpartum body should be celebrated.

Ridding the negative connotation associated with the Postpartum Body, is how we will learn to ACCEPT ourselves.

I feel like society has labeled too much for us. Being a new mom, we have so much to worry about and what others expect from us that we honestly don’t have the time to worry about getting a 6 pack stomach.

Life as a mom is a chapter only women know if they experience it. Having a baby is a life-changing event; it shouldn’t be seen as a negative hindrance on your future dreams. If anything, it should inspire you to embrace who you are becoming and how much you have accomplished ,by carrying that baby for 9 months to birthing for several hours.

Your Postpartum Body is a beautiful reminder of how you created this beautiful child of yours. Your body did all that. What an incredible thought!

Postpartum should be seen as a beautiful transition into motherhood. Yes, it is not all sunshine and rainbows (believe me, I know), but by changing the way we see ourselves, everything else will follow.

Postpartum is a time that should be celebrated. The beautiful transition into Motherhood!

All the hardships your body went through, recognize them and be excited that you pushed through all that!

You are a MOM now to a beautiful child(ren) because of those long 9 months. Because your body was stretched to the limit. You sacrificed your body to bring this child(ren) into the world. You should be celebrated. That body of yours is a reminder of the beautiful life in front of you!

Every time I notice I am about to say something negative about my body, I tell myself to recognize why my body is PERFECT.

I have three beautiful children that I carried in my belly so one day I could be where I am sitting thinking about how BEAUTIFUL I truly am.

It is never an easy thing to do to believe that we are good enough. But in doing so, we are paving the way for a happier motherhood.

We are beautiful because we sacrificed our bodies for 9 months. We are beautiful because we gave birth to our little miracles.

We are beautiful because we are Mothers.

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  • Leighann

    What an inspiring post for self-love! As a labor and delivery nurse I will recommend this post to my patients who struggle with body image after pregnancy. Nice job!

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