Why It’s Okay to Be Exhausted, Mama

Well another day has gone by where I have felt too exhausted to do much of anything.

Avoid showering. Avoiding the dishes cluttering my kitchen. Stepping over the long-overdue pile of laundry sitting on the floor in our bedroom.

It has been one of those days where my energy seems to have been sucked right out of me.

These days are the hardest to get through. You aren’t yourself. But the kids need you no matter what is going on.

Anyone Else Having a Day?

Have you ever had a bad day? A day where everything just seemed to go down the drain?

Duh! We all have! It’s called being a HUMAN BEING!

We are NOT perfect. No one is no matter how many instagram filters you put on all your pictures.

No matter how much makeup or how much you spend on your hair, you aren’t perfect. And you shouldn’t want to be.

But you are a great Mom nonethless. No matter what goes on in your day, those little ones of yours are always looking up to you with those cute little grins!

Anyways, bad days really bring depth into our lives. They help us see our lives in a different perspective. We view situations differently (maybe not always in the best way).

But those bad days help us highlight the positives in our lives.

No Need to be Perfect All the Time Mama

While I realize I am not the only one who has days like these, I don’t think we want to show others that we are.

We have this constant social pressure to look “all together all the time”. Why is that?

Having a bad day does not make you weak. It does not make you any less of a mother. It just simply means you’re HUMAN.

Before I became a mom, I honestly had more bad days than good. No one would know it because I had a great poker face (at least around people who didn’t know me all that well).

I struggled really with the idea of being “perfect”. I had this constant pressure from within to always have it together. To never falter from it.

Well if you could guess that backfired more often than not.

My bad days made me feel inferior to everyone. Made me feel weak.

But that wasn’t true. They honestly helped me grow stronger as a person.

Strength and Being a Mother

Ever since I became a Mom of 3, I feel like I have become a stronger person. I feel more resilient towards situations that used to crumble me.

In a way, I feel as though each one of my children has changed my view on my life. And things that used to bring me down, have a harder time doing so.

When you’re a mom, it is no longer about you or your partner. These babies rely on you to survive. As mothers, we gain this level of strength that we have never had before.

Why It Is Okay to be Exhausted

Being exhausted doesn’t make you weak. As Mothers, we have a lot going on and a lot of people depending on us.

I know I talk alot about my past but really I can’t not talk about it because it is so intertwined into the person I am today.

My strength comes from my past. It comes from all those bad days, struggles, and mental breakdowns.

I would never expect you to understand what I went through nor would I expect to undersatnd what YOU have been through. But we all go through traumatic events.

We all deal with bad days. We all deal with the lack of motivation to clean the house. We all deal with the frustration of having clean the kitchen for the billionth time in 2 days.

As Moms we deal with alot. We take on a lot. And sometimes we over do it. I know I have.

But just know, you aren’t alone and it’s normal to feel too exhausted to do any chores.

The house won’t blow up if you give yourself a break. I promise you, it will all get done eventually.

Just enjoy those precious moments with your kiddos, dishes can wait Mama.

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