Two Pregnancies, 3 Babies

Finding out you are pregnant for the first time is probably the most exciting, overwhelming, and scary time of motherhood. Knowing that you have a tiny human growing inside of you is quite incredible.

After having been through two pregnancies, I can say that I know quite a bit more than I did before I got pregnant. It’s crazy to think that I have three babies in two years but God sure has blessed us.

Before I got pregnant the first time, I thought I knew everything there was to know about being pregnant but boy was I wrong!

I had no idea you needed to take prenatal vitamins until my doctor told me. You can’t do certain activities in fear that it could harm the baby. You can’t eat certain foods for the same reason (hot dogs and lunch meat were a killer for me being my favorite foods). Oh, and don’t get me started on the crazy cravings that come with pregnancy. Those combinations are quite disgusting after looking back. I think the hardest thing I struggled with during both was morning sickness.

So lets talk about the hard realities of pregnancy.

The big kicker in the butt: Morning Sickness

We hear about it all the time. Morning sickness is typically the first symptom for most.

I had no idea how awful one could feel until I was pregnant with my girls. Morning sickness followed me with vengeance every waking hour and night. It got to the point I had lost weight because I couldn’t keep anything down. Not even crackers! I was put on medication that I had to take twice a day. (If anyone knows me, I don’t like medicine and avoid it as much as I possibly can. So this sucked.)

Most morning sickness tapers off after the first trimester. So it will pass I promise! (Unless, you go and have twins like I did.) This happened with my first pregnancy but not my second. It honestly lasted the entire pregnancy. Every day it was like a wicked curve ball being thrown into my face because I didn’t know what would set me off. Multiple pregnancies differ quite a bit from Singletons.

The Mood Monster

I am not kidding. The hormones take over your body and control your emotions. It’s awful! So if your husband hasn’t noticed this one yet, might be a good time to warn him.

Mood swings are in full swing people!

One minute you could be so happy with life and how things are going. The next you could be weeping on the floor because you dropped your spoon on the floor. (I literally cried about this.) So expect to cry over the stupidest of things.

Husbands please just hold us. We have no control over our bodies right now.

I’m sorry to say but this particular symptom lasts for most of your pregnancy. It might even stay after you give birth too.

Feed Me!

The constant need to eat is quite an understatement when it comes to being pregnant. This was another crazy concept I did not understand until I got pregnant. The first and third trimesters are when you have the biggest appetite. (This is when your little one is growing the most.)

Now, here is where you have to be careful because there are certain foods you should avoid eating. And there are foods you should eat in moderation.

Make sure you fill your pantry and fridge because Mama you are going to need to eat quite a bit to help your little one grow and develop. It is important to consult with your doctor about any concerns you may have about eating habits as well.

During my first pregnancy, all I wanted to eat were salty things. Even for breakfast which is quite disgusting to me. For awhile there, I would eat potato chips and onion dip at 9 o’clock in the morning. Little man wanted what he wanted when he wanted it. There was no fighting that! One time at midnight, I asked for pizza and ice cream on top. The weirdest cravings came to light during my first for sure!

During my second, it was alittle more complicated with my morning sickness but citrus fruits were my cravings. I hated vegetables this pregnancy too which isn’t a good thing. I don’t think I ever really had any weird cravings with my girls. Maybe it is a gender thing. What do you think? Leave me your opinion in the comments below!

My Clothes Are Shrinking!

I promise you, you will fit in your clothes again. Just not for another year, unfortunately.

During your first pregnancy, it takes your body a little bit longer to grow a “belly”. Rightfully so because your body has never grown a tiny human before.

I think I only owned 10 pieces of maternity clothing my first pregnancy and wore mostly leggings and big tank tops my second. Maternity clothes are overrated in my opinion. You only wear them half of the time you are pregnant anyways.

Sleeping Sucks

I don’t know a mom who did not struggle with sleep during pregnancy. I’m sorry to bum you out again but this is affected constantly.

I could never nap with either pregnancy and to this day struggle to nap. (Not just because I have three kids who depend on me heavily at the moment.) But I think pregnancy is to blame for this problem.

You CANNOT sleep on your back which was the sole position during my normal sleeping days. And no sleeping on your tummy either. Another bummer!

Insomnia can affect some mothers-to-be as well so you aren’t the only one struggling. It’s very common also to have very vivid dreams while pregnant. This freaked me out during my first pregnancy. Not sure why it’s a thing but it is.

But in the end, I looked at my lack of sleeping as a way to prepare me in a way for life with a newborn. (I didn’t say completely prepare you but it does in some little way help that you are getting up constantly to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night.)

Make This A Happy Time

While I know the stress of preparing for a baby can be quite overwhelming, you should be celebrating life! This should be a happy time for you Mama. You have a mini you on the way and your’e doing a great job at growing that baby!

Don’t fret over the little stuff until you absolutely need to because pregnancy will flash before your eyes and be gone before you know it. Make sure you make time for yourself and for your relationship before baby comes.

Go out on as many dates as you can. Free dates are great too!! Make this a happy time in your life and know you have support all around you from family, friends, your husband, and ME! You got this girl!

If you have any questions about pregnancy, comment below or send me an email! I’d love to help any way I can!

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