To the Mom Who Struggles with Anxiety

These days there are so many things that we need to worry about as moms. And if you are like me that worry is multiplied by 3. While I know that there are things I shouldn’t worry about, sometimes it is hard not to worry about them.

Anxiety ,since I have become a mother, has become my own worst enemy. And to be honest with you, it has affected my sleep. Although, there are some days where I am able to kick anxiety in the butt (those days are my “great” days).

I want to share my story in hopes to reach other moms who struggle with anxiety to know they aren’t alone.

The Calm Before the Storm

It never fails that my anxiety creeps up slowly on me when I am least expecting it. These moments are called triggers.

What is a trigger you say? It is that thing that causes you to remember something painful from your past. It is that thing that causes an unwanted wave of emotions and stress throughout your day. That thing that you are just waiting to creep up on you again. That thing that affects the rest of your day.

Why is This Happening

I wish that I could say my anxiety is gone now that I am older but it lingers every now and again.

It is the reason why I haven’t tackled taking all 3 kids out in public by myself yet. Can anyone relate to this?

I just get stuck in my head about every little thing that could go wrong or happen. It becomes this string of non-existent events playing over and over again in my head.

So I don’t make it out of the house as often as I should.

The Past Lingers

In one of my previous posts, I mentioned how past experiences have led to my daily struggles. A few past relationships created this aftermath I never expected.

While the people involved are no longer in my life, there are certain things they did, said, how they acted, and forced on me that tie into how my anxiety works. This is the part that people find hard to understand.

Well if they aren’t in my life anymore why can’t I just get over it?

That isn’t a simple solution. If it was that easy, believe me I would be all over it! They were traumatic experiences to me and that isn’t something I can erase from my memory as easily.

While it doesn’t affect me as much as it used to, it still puts a hinder on my day.

But I never give up.

Powering Through

How do I make it through my day? One hour at a time. I literally do not focus on anything past an hour (sometimes this fails but I do my best to try). This helps me keep my sanity and curbs my anxiety for the time being.

Having a set schedule and sticking to it helps keep my anxiety at bay. When I know what’s going to happen and how, I don’t have any anxious thoughts creep up on me. I feel like I have some control.

Venting to someone or through something always helps me work through any anxiety I am having. When you are able to say the words you have been thinking out loud or put on paper, it helps you understand the situation from a different perspective.

There are so many other ways I use to cope and manage my anxiety levels nowadays. These are just the main ones that have remained constant for awhile now.

While I know we all have been through different experiences and situations to get us where we are today, I hope that I can be that someone to help you through the now.

By using what I have learned over the years, I want to help you work through whatever you are facing. This isn’t a road you need to face alone.

We are stronger together.

Yours truly,


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