How the Military has Affected My View on Life

When I was in middle school, I thought the military was this glorified community that everyone in it lived this amazing life protecting our country. I pictured happy families and happy lives.

I thought protecting this country was a no-brainer and the best people were chosen for the job. I, of course, was naive and young and really had no knowledge of what it really meant to be in the military.

When I reached my senior year in high school, I learned more and more about what it meant to be in the military. I started looking into the Marines and possibly enlisting.

I had never told anyone about this. I was too afraid to. I thought everyone would judge me for choosing a path that ultimately determined my future here on Earth.

I had so much respect for my country and saw how wrong these people were attacking our country and other innocent countries around them.

I had this strong urge to make things right. I wanted to defend everyone I knew and have met in my life. It was the right thing to do.

I wanted to protect those that needed protecting. I wanted to help those that needed help. I wanted to fight for what we fought so hard for hundreds of years ago. I want to protect those that would go into battle and bring them home safely.

I Always Knew I Would Be a Part of the Military

For as long as I can remember, I had this deep, pre-destined connection that my future would be tied to the military. I didn’t know how, when, what branch, or why but I just KNEW. (Alittle crazy ,but for some reason I had that feeling for a long time.)

I had friends and classmates join the military after high school so I became knowledgeable of a few insider things here and there.

I also had friends deploy all around the world. I was the friend who would write to them or stay in contact with them when they could talk. I was determined to be their support system. That was the role I took on for a couple years.

Then everyone moved on with their lives and contact with them fizzled out.

How My Anxiety Darkened my View on the Military

Those years after high school, I had this friend in my life who had this dream to join the Military. They would constantly bring it up in conversation about wanting to enlist after school had finished for them.

While I had supported a handful of others on their decision to join, I was skeptical about this one. While most people join the military with a career-focus in mind, this person didn’t.

They had been through many traumatic things in their life that enlisting was the only way to “get away” from everything. Long story short they wanted to join the “front lines”. Basically willingly put their life on the line for all the wrong reasons.

Being the caring, emotional person I am, I couldn’t let that happen. I spent the next year and a half begging and trying to prove to this person that that shouldn’t be something they should want right now. It was a back and forth battle that ultimately crushed our friendship.

That to me just wasn’t something I could bare if something ever happened to them. I did and said everything I could. But I knew this wasn’t what the military was about.

Meeting My Husband Changed Everything

After the fallout, my view on the military had been tainted. I no longer had a clear vision on what military life was like. I truly had no intentions of ever being connected to it again.

The idea of being connected to the military brought up so much hurt, pain, and anxiety that I wanted nothing to do with it.

But God had a different plan for me.

It was a dark time in my life before my now husband waltzed into my life. When I found out he was in the military, I honestly was alittle terrified and skeptical. While I admired and was thankful for our armed forces, I didn’t know what I could handle.

Would I fall in love with him only to get hurt again? Would he get deployed and never come home? Where would he go? Would I lose him?

These questions swirled my head the first couple weeks of our relationship. But I learned a lot as I spent more time with him on his base. I learned more about his job ,which had a very small chance of ever deploying overseas. But it was the type of job I couldn’t know any details about.

As more of my questions became answered, those past anxious feelings disappeared and I had this newfound understanding of what the military is.

The Military Life is NOT Easy

I don’t think anyone on the outside can ever fully understand what it means to be married to someone in the military. I could sit here and tell you every little detail of my life but no one could wver know what it feels like.

While everyone has different demands from their jobs, I feel like the military is so different. It is a demanding job no matter what field you are in. The hours are unpredictable and the job comes before everything else.

While most people work 9 to 5 jobs and have weekends off, my husband’s schedule is much different. He has rotating hours so his off days are never the same days of the week.

We also deal with changing sleep schedules since his hours are changing every rotation. That definitely has been a hard adjustment now that we have the twins. So basically, our time together is limited.

While the military life seems glorified on the outside, it is a very hard lifestyle. But I can say I would never change it for anything. I have learned to appreciate that time together that much more.

Our Time Together is that Much More Precious.

While it is easy to take things for granted in life, the military life has made me more appreciative of the time I have with my husband. Our lives may be busy and unconventional compared to yours, but we definitely value our time together every single day no matter what.

My priorities have changed more than I expected them to but my perspective on life has too. I see life in a new way and am so glad God led me on this path of life.

The military is always unpredictable and anything could change at any time. He has to always be ready to answer a call from his command. It is a part of him and always will be for the time he is in.

But I will always be so grateful to have had this life because if I hadn’t, I think I would take alot for granted.

I feel so blessed to be a part of the military this way. We both depend on each other for support and love and that is what makes our relationship so special.

I am thankful to be raising our family with values centered around time with one another every single day.

No matter how much time I get with him, I always am thankful for another day with my husband coming home to me.

Whether you have a loved one deployed or one who is state side and works hard here, we should all be thankful for the time we have with them. They put their lives on the line to stand up against the evil in the world to protect our country.

Every job is important and has its part in the military and it should never be taken lightly.

Thank you to all those in uniform serving our country 24 hours a day to keep all of us safe. You are appreciated, supported, and loved.

And thank you to all the people who support them (wife, mother, husband, father, siblings, children, etc.). All of you play a huge part in our Military. 🇺🇸

Never take this one life for granted. You only live once so make every single day count!

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  • Tren

    Thanks for sharing. There are a lot of thing people wouldn’t know about the military, unless it’s shared. The military definitely has a lot of ups and downs. But what I’ve noticed with most families, we are resilient and strong!

  • Fiorella

    What a great post to read. I don’t have friends who belong to the military, so reading your post give me a better understanding of how family is also involved and what a huge collaboration needs to be done between a militar and his/her family.


    It takes total commitment to stay together as a family when your spouse is in the military. Of necessity, there probably has to be trust and compromise built in. That’s what I learnt from your post.

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