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How I Keep My House Clean with a Messy Toddler

When I just had my son at home, cleaning my house was a lot easier than it is now. Cleaning my house these days seems like a very daunting chore! Who likes cleaning?! I definitely don’t enjoy it like some people do but now that I have my bearings I think I have a routine down.

With my girls and son on schedules now, it has been easier for me to manage my time throughout the day. I will  be honest with you, there are days where I have to skip some things because there are just not enough hours in the day with three very dependent children.

I usually squeeze my cleaning in when the girls are napping, when I am making lunch/dinner, and especially when all three kids are sleeping at the same time in the afternoon. Here are the simple steps I keep in mind to stay on top of cleaning my house:

Time Management

While I know this can be difficult if you have multiple children, this can be really helpful if you master this. Managing your time throughout the day will really keep you sane with all the chaos going on. (One of the many things that help me make it through my days.)

Try to schedule your day out so you know exactly what needs to get done. For example, I know that when the girls are napping in the morning and my son is playing, I have time to clean my kitchen. (This is a chore I do everyday during this time.) When all the kids are napping in the afternoon, that gives me time to catch up on laundry, pick up toys, and so on and so forth.

Just pick out the certain times during the day that you know you have time to clean something and schedule that in.

Write Out A Daily Schedule

Sometimes having something physically written out in front of you can give you an idea of where you have spare time in your day. If you’re like me, I benefit from seeing things visually so it has helped me to have my schedule written out.

If you want help writing one out, I can definitely chat with you or give you an example of mine for you!

Have Your Kids Help You Out

Yes I know. Your kids hate cleaning too but it helps them gain skills that they will need when they move out. My mom always had my sisters and I helping out around the house. We all hated it but now I know why she started us early!

While my son is not even two years old yet, him cleaning isn’t exactly a task he can do quite yet. Although, I can still begin to introduce the concept  of cleaning to him. He doesn’t have a long attention span but singing songs help. (The “Clean-Up” is his favorite.) Have them start by cleaning up their toys or having them close the dishwasher for you or give them a Swiffer mop while you sweep. There are endless ways you can get your toddler involved in these tasks. (Great teaching moment for them!). Try this with your younger kids!

A Few Chores a Day

To keep my sanity, I only make it a goal to complete two house cleaning tasks a day. Maybe once the kids become a little more independent, I will be able to do more. But for right now this works for me.

Don’t stress yourself out by expecting yourself to clean the entire house in one day because it just isn’t realistic. (Unless you’re Super Mom, then I want to know your secret!).

Just set a number you are comfortable with on a daily basis and stick with that. Trust me Mama everything will get done when it needs to get done. Don’t Stress!

If you can’t get something done, that’s okay too. There have been days where I am lazy and only focus on one task a day (like today). But tomorrow is a new day and it will get done so don’t fret! You have enough on your plate! Just relax! You’re doing great Mama!

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