Finding Your Purpose

Motherhood comes with many ups and downs. There are moments of clarity and then there are moments of “oh my gosh, I have no idea what to do”.

It is a learn as we go type of thing and it is a hard job.

Constantly picking up after our kids, endless loads of laundry, chores needing to be done, homework to be looked over, and the list goes on.

But is this really who we are?

Is this what truly defines us?

About 7 years ago, I truly believed my purpose in life was to become a mother.

That was the “end all be all” for me.

College was important but my eyes were set on the path of becoming a mother.

To this day, I question what brought me to that conclusion.

Why did I settle for that? Why didn’t I think beyond that to see what more I could contribute to society? Let alone myself…

Fast forward to the year 2017; my son was born. It was unlike any feeling I had ever imagined it would be.

Holding my son for the first time exceeded my expectations. It is indescribable.

Your life changes. It’s True.

As reality started to sink in a couple weeks in, with sleep deprivation following me around like a lost puppy, I realized I felt empty.

Yes, my son made me happy and I loved more than anything being a mom but something was missing.

Have you ever felt that way? Yes, you love your kids and being a mom is such a wonderful feeling but something is missing. Absent.

I went on to work after about 3 ish months postpartum and enjoyed working with the kids I taught.

It took care of my needs by being away from my son, my husband and other mom duties.

But it didn’t make me truly happy. I didn’t feel fulfilled or feel like I was making much of a difference.

Well what did I do? How did I change that?

A couple months down the line we found out we were pregnant again. We were so excited and nervous but loved the idea of expanding our family.

I thought to myself okay this is it maybe. Maybe God wants me to keep growing our family. Maybe it really is my purpose.

*Now bare with me because I know what you’re thinking and yes that was not the thought I should of had but thats where I was at the time. A new mom pregnant again before her son was even one.

Finding My Purpose

The road to find my purpose started shortly after my girls were born. Having twins was a life-chanfing event in my life. It is unlike anything it was with my son.

Anyways, I was constantly feeling drained from caring for all three and didn’t have much else to focus on.

So I set out to create my blog. I had always wanted to write and share my experiences with other people who were in similar situations.

I love sharing my life and secrets with others because I know I am not alone.

But something was missing. I had a hard time holding everything together to put the time I needed to make my blog big and popular.

So I decided I was doing the best that I could with what I had.

I believed this for a handful of months and really only had time to focus on the kids. I felt lonely and soon had little interest in social situations.

Depression is what hit me.

My years of struggle became front and center in my mind and I couldn’t seem to see beyond the negative.

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It wasn’t until I received a message from another mom that took the time to ask how I was doing. Took the time to get to know me.

Our conversation flowed as if we had known each other since high school. We connected on so many experiences that it helped me open up my eyes alittle.

She showed me what a caring person she is and talked to me every day.

Little did she know she was the person who lifted me out of my “funk”.

She showed me the path to my purpose I have long been praying for.

It’s funny how God works in our lives. How amazing is it that He can work through others to help us see what He wants us to see!

Finding Your Purpose

Purpose is one of those words that we often can misuse. We often “think” we know what ours is but often mistaken.

A word we often take so much time searching for in our lives when usually it is right in front of us.

I have recently discovered what mine is that I have searched years for. I understand that I wasn’t mentally ready to know before now.

But I needed my trials and obstacles to help me get there and know what I know now because of it.

It isn’t just going to come to you and slap you in the face. You have to mentally ready to see it; ready to handle it.

That’s the hardest part is that we are often taught that we NEED to know right out of high school. That we NEED to pick our path entering college. And that is what you do with the rest of your life.

But why? How are we supposed to know?

I thought I knew but after changing my major two times and leaving then going back with a different major, I realized I wasn’t doing what I was supposed to be doing yet.

My purpose wasn’t clear to me when I was searching for it in college.

So how do we find it?

  • Never stop searching. If you’re unhappy or have any unsettling feelings about what you’re doing with your life, then it isn’t the right way. Always keep your eyes open. Never settle.
  • Look to loved ones for support and guidance. They may be able to see more than you can about yourself and who you are.
  • Dig deeper into your passions. What brings you pure joy? What is something you are so passionate about that your heart explodes with how much you love it?
  • Prayer is a powerful tool. Without it, I wouldn’t be where I am and how much I have grown. He has a plan for all whether you are able to see it or not.
  • Step outside of your comfort zone. If we stay within the boundaries of what we are comfortable with, we can never see beyond our ownselves. Taking a leap of faith and trying new things are what opens our eyes to the world around us.
  • Believe failure only pushes you forward. We are often told failure steps us back, but why not think of it as a moment to grow. We learn from our mistakes and can build off of previous actions to make them work. It’s all a positive thing.
  • Believe you are worthy of this life and so is the person next to you. This is an ideal that I think we lose as we grow to be adults. We see the world full of negative ideas and divided groups of people. We have a hard time seeing that we are all here for a reason and should support one another in that. Not bring each other down because we have different views on the world. Once you open your eyes to the people next to you, your whole mindset changes for the better.

Finding one’s purpose is not an easy task nor will it be handed to you. By opening your eyes to the world around may surprise you and help you on your journey to find it.

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