25 Days of Holiday Traditions Series,  Family

Day 9: Spreading Christmas Cheer

Christmas is a time of togetherness. Families gather around together to share their joy for the holiday.

It’s a Season of Giving and Receiving.

We spend our time buying and making gifts for our dear loved ones. All the while planning the most scrumptious of holiday dinners. We decorate our houses with the most prettiest of lights and center our lit christmas tree in the front window.

We are a happy, loving family this time of year and share traditions and memories with one another.

But how about spreading that holiday cheer with others around us?

While we are very busy with our own family festivities, we still shouldn’t think of ourselves.

One tradition that my family has taken on for many years now is spreading Christmas cheer through plates of yummy cookies we made ourselves.

Hand out cookies/cards/small gifts to neighbors, friends, families at church, teachers, bus drivers, mailman, garbage man, classmates etc.

By doing this, this is a thank you to all those that help us out through out the year. And to help them know that we are thinking of them this holiday.

Some of these people may not even be able to celebrate with their families this year or have to work. So why not spread some joy by sharing your baked goods.

We love celebrating in our own way but so often we forget about the people around us that we don’t celebrate with.

If you need some great ideas on how to do this, check out these posts for some ideas for the whole family:

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Day 3: Give Back to Your Community

Teach your kids about spreading Christmas cheer this holiday season. Make it a tradition to make it more about others than themselves.

I think in teaching our children these morals, we set a foundation for their future self.

So if you have too many cookies taking up space in your kitchen, plate them up and give them to others around you!

Show kindess to strangers in the mall when you’re Christmas shopping. Smile at co-workers. Help one another.

It takes more muscles to frown than it does to smile!

Spread your Christmas Cheer as a Family!

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