25 Days of Holiday Traditions Series,  Family

Day 8: Family Bake-off

During this time of year, baking has become one of the most popular activities to do with your family. I know for me, it is one of my favorite parts about Christmas: baking all the delicious cookies I love from Pinterest and family recipes!

I think we can all agree our house becomes “The House of Sweets” by the time December 25th rolls around. Which causes a big problem for me: I splurge on everything sweet and never limit myself.

My sweet tooth is so bad but I cant help it! While I realize it may be fun to back 20 million of our favorite cookie recipes, why not try limiting how much you make but still have fun baking them?

Have a Family Bake-Off!!

This kind of tradition has been in my family since my brother got interested into baking (he is 13 years younger than me). But it is a tradition that allows us to spend quality time with one another, choosing to bake our favorite cookies, and bring some “healthy competition” to the season.

How it Works:

  1. Have everyone pick a cookie recipe to make! (If your family wants to do teams or pairs because of little ones, that is fine too!) *If you need inspiration, check out my Pinterest board Sweets, Sweets, Sweets!
  2. When it comes to this bake-off, try to choose recipes that don’t have a long baking time. While I realize not everyone will have a double oven, you can bake two trays at once in one oven. *Consider having teams to avoid long wait times to bake cookies.
  3. Then have everyone or teams who chose a recipe, write down all the ingredients they will need. Double check your pantry for all the ingredients and visit your local grocery store to get the rest!
  4. Next, map out stations for everyone so they all have room to bake their cookies. If you have a smaller space, use card tables or other surfaces that you don’t mind using for a messy bake-off!
  5. Before starting to bake, designate one family member to be the “judge” for the competition! Have them judge based on a 1-5 scale for 2 categories (Presentation and Taste). You can add more categories to make it more fair for your family! *If you want to get really serious about the competition, set a timer!

This tradition creates lasting family memories and your kids will grow up loving this! It is something I will always remember growing up. All the fun we had baking together and of course trying all the yummy treats!

Most of the time my dad volunteered to be the judge (LUCKY) so he definitely enjoyed that role. But he was also fair and always had an honest opinion. While by the end of the competition we had mountains of cookies, we would laugh and enjoy another fun year of OUR family tradition.

With my sweet tooth, I wouldn’t be able to stop eating cookies all day! But hey, isn’t that what this season is about? Indulging in everything SWEET! Make this your family tradition for years to come!

Pin for later!

Here is my Pinterest board of delicious yummy cookies I like to make that you can try in your Bake-Off!!!


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