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Day 7: Family Game Night

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When it comes to celebrating with family, I think having some sort of fun activity is imperative! Plus it will get all the younger ones excited to join in!


There is nothing more enjoyable than playing a board game the whole family loves! I remember growing up, around this time of year we would always play board games together. Of course we were all competitive in our own way so it made things interesting.

But nonetheless, we enjoyed ourselves and it became a family tradition. Even to this day, whenever we get together we play a board game we all love.

So I put together some of my favorite board games and ones I am sure all of you will love or maybe even have played!

Family Board Games the Whole Family Will Love

3 and Up Games

HiHo Cherry-O (2-4 players)

My sisters and I would play this game with my mom alot! Such a great game for counting skills too for all my homeschool mamas! Your children will love picking the pretend cherries off the tree to fill their baskets. By using the spinner, each player gets a turn taking the number of cherries they spun off the tree. Whoever gets the most wins! Such a great way to help your child learn how to count!

Chutes and Ladders (2 to 4 players)

Another great game for the younger ones to play! Every player spins the spinner to see how many spaces they move their character. Whoever gets to the top wins! But watch out for the slides because they could take you all the way down to the bottom! A great way to introduce counting and turn taking for younger kids.

Candy Land

A very popular game still! For me, this was the best game in the world when I was a little girl. Oh man did I get competitive but such a fun game! Instead of a spinner, this game has colored square cards to determine the spaces you will move your character. Whoever gets to the Candy Castle wins the game!

Let’s Go Fishin’ (2 to 4 players)

This game is a great game for little ones! It mostly focuses on hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills (two great areas for kids around this age)! Each player gets a fishing stick and has to try to catch as many fish as they can. But it also is spinning and the fishes’ mouths open and close making it even more difficult! Great game to get little ones excited on game night.

Ages 5 and up

Clue Junior (2 to 6 players)

I cannot tell you how many times my sisters and I would play Clue. It was one of our favorite games. I was very much into solving mysteries so this game was right up my alley. But nowadays they have a younger version for kids to play which is great if you have a wide range of age groups in your family. Try this one out and see who solve The Missing Piece of Cake Case first!

Hedbanz Junior (2 to 4 players)

This was one of my brother’s favorite games to play at this age! It is a fun guessing game for kids and luckily this version focuses on one subject area: Animals! What kid doesn’t love animals! Get your kids together to play this on game night!

Monopoly Junior (2 to 4 players)

If you were a big Monopoly fan growing up, why not get your younger ones into it! This junior version is perfect for this age group. A much simplified way and easier to follow for younger minds. Never too young to teach them some life skills!

Ages 7 and up

Hedbanz Family Guessing Game

This was the version of this game my family had. We would get so competitive with this game ! And we had to make sure no one could see their card through the windows! Such a fun, enjoyable for families of all ages. Try this fun family guessing game this holiday season!

Apples to Apples Junior (4 to 8 players)

While my family hadn’t owned this when I was growing up, many of my friends had it and we would play this game for hours it seemed like! Such a hilarious game to play with so many crazy comparisons to put together! The whole family will get a kick out of this junior version of Apples to Apples.

The Game of Life (2 to 4 players)

This game is definitely another family favorite! My sisters and I would enjoy playing this one together because of how it walks through life decisions and the future. It definitely gets kids thinking about the world and their future. Such a fun favorite your family will enjoy!

Spot It (2 to 8 players)

Another fun family game and a bigger group can play this one! You basically have teams, a timer, and cards that have several objects on them with one object that is irrelevant. You have to spot as many unrelated objects as you can to win points! Competitiveness is definitely required for this game.

Phase 10 (2 to 6 players) FAMILY FAVORITE

If there was one game we played more often than any other game, it was this one. Definitely more challenging for younger kids but this game really got you thinking. You have to complete each phase before moving on to the next. One phase could be “4 of the same color”. Every phase gets more difficult than the one before. We hardly ever would make it through all 10 phases in one game but we definitely had fun with it! It became our OWN family tradition!

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