25 Days of Holiday Traditions Series,  Family

Day 6: Unplug as a Family

Family is so important in this world and to me, being together and spending time with one another is something I strive to have everyday. With how chaotic our routines are with young kiddos, its hard to make that time sometimes. I am sure some of you reading this can relate.

It isn’t easy juggling schedules, kids’ homework problems, cleaning a house, feeding a family, and working hard to get things paid for. We all have a lot on our plates. Holidays are supposed to be a cheery time but I am sure you have a voice in the back of your head feeding you thoughts about getting everything ready in time.

Stressing about Christmas shopping, cleaning out that spare bedroom your parents will stay in this year, cleaning the kids’ toothpaste-filled sinks, and the list can go on.

Whatever the stress is, it isn’t relevant.

Maybe you work from home or are constantly checking Facebook for friend updates and what not. Maybe you are bored out of your mind and want to watch TV all day with your kids.

That may be fine and all but are you REALLY, TRULY spending time together?

Celebrating the holidays with family is one I am sure all of you do at one point or another.

But do you unplug from technology when you are celebrating together?

I know our worlds seem quite dependent on it these days. I know I fall victim to using it too much some days.

But I truly believe in using it less or not at all when I am around family. I have always felt so strongly about technology (even in schools but that is for a future post).

Around the holidays though, I think it is even more crucial to “unplug”.

Pick a day or two to completely “unplug” and spend the day with one another.

Now that I have three kids, they need my undivided attention more than ever and so does my husband. Family comes above technology for me. Communication is important and always has been.

It isn’t easy getting away from technology because we practically access everything with it. And that is how we communicate 80% of the time. But why are so many families struggling to communicate with one another now? Technology.

Kids are becoming more and more dependent on the use of technology, even to just pass time. I notice when my son has watched too much TV. His behavior and focus is different than when we are simply playing with his toys or outside.

Try making it a habit every year around this time to push aside all technology for a day. Maybe limit your use even more everyday!

“Unplugging” for a day will be healthy for everyone!

While I realize some of your children may not be happy about it, it will all be worth it in the end. With everyone giving each other their undivided attention, more memories can be made.

Drive to an exciting site for the day. Explore the surrounding area. Experience new things together. As a family, do something new this holiday season.

Curl up in your living room in comfy pajamas and hot cocoa. Play games all day or talk about things (positive talk of course). Be together as a family and don’t hide behind screens.

Why “Unplugging” is Imperative

One day, your kids are going to be all grown up and out of the house. Celebrating the holidays with their own friends and family. Those are the days you are going to miss the time you have with them NOW.

I think about this every now and again just to remind myself of how quick time goes by. This life was given to me to live my life to fullest. I confess that I have sometimes fallen victim to utilizing technology longer than I need to and it has taken time away from me being with my kids.

It is not an easy thing to shake when it has become a habit but I am determined to show my kids that we don’t NEED technology. What we need is FAMILY. Technology does not create or help a family come closer together. It is not something I want to pass on to my kids.

This holiday season has made me realize how precious this time is with my family. I never know what is going to happen tomorrow or a week from now or a month from now. Taking it day by day is all I should have to worry about.

Being a military family, our time together is that much more precious. So sacrificing a day or two without all the tech is one small thing we can do as a family.

Make it a yearly tradition! Or a daily commitment!

Make more lasting memories this Christmas season. Be with the ones you love without all the distraction. Find peace in knowing you didn’t waste those minutes in the day scrolling through your social media feed.

Change how your children see your “family time”.

It starts with you leading by example!

Yours truly,


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