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Day 5: Christmas Movie Marathon with a Sweet Treat

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Christmas movies are one of the most popular traditions that most families partake in. Getting into the holiday spirit is quite easy after watching a heart warming holiday movie.

I know for me, I enjoy watching Hallmark Christmas movies with my mom and sisters this time of year. We like to cuddle up on the couch with some warm cocoa, coffee, or apple cider as we watch the stories unfold.

But not everyone is a big fan of these, so I have made a list of the best Christmas movies that are feel good and family-friendly!

Best Christmas Movies to Watch with Your Family

Christmas Classics with Rudolph, Frosty, and Santa

Watch all the classics with this 3-in-1 dvd! Get your kids excited with Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer, Frosty the Snowman, and Santa! Enjoy the classics together with the Anniversary Edition! (Click here to get it now!)

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

This hilarious classic should always be watched during the holidays! This holiday comedy follows a family’s dysfunctional Christmas to the end! A great movie to get the whole family laughing together! (Get it here!)

A Christmas Story

Another comedic holiday classic makes the list! While this movie has been around for quite some time, I never get tired of watching this! This movie follows a little boy, Ralphie’s journey on getting the present he has always wanted! (Click here to get it shipped to you!)

A Charlie Brown Christmas: 50th Anniversary Edition

Who doesn’t love a Charlie Brown movie?! And it is a cartoon so all children will love this feel-good Christmas movie. Join Charlie Brown, Snoopy, and all his friends as they celebrate Christmas together! (Click here to get the movie.)

Home Alone 1 + 2

Another great laugh for the whole family! When Kevin is left behind for Christmas as his family flies to New York, he is stuck surviving on his own in his parents’ big house. Watch his story unfold in both the first and second movie! Classic! (Click here to get the movie.)


This is my second favorite Christmas movie! Buddy the Elf is determined to find his birth father when he is told he is not a “real elf”. He travels to New York City where his father lives and ends up meeting people along the way! Watch his journey come to life through another feel-good classic! (Click here to get this movie!)

The Polar Express

Another family-friendly flick! A really great storyline following a young boy who doesn’t believe in Santa anymore. He gets a trip of a lifetime on the Polar Express which ultimately leads him to the Big Man himself. A really great movie with great life lessons in it as well. (Click here to get it today!)

Dr Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas

If you are a big Jim Carrey fan and love to laugh, this version of How the Grinch Stole Christmas brings the classic cartoon to life! It follows the journey the Grinch embarks on when he is invited to participate in Whoville’s holiday festivities. Classic Holiday Comedy! (Click here to get in shipped to you!)

How the Grinch Stole Christmas

If you are not a big fan of the live action one, then the classic cartoon is for you! We cannot get enough of the Grinch in this fun Christmas classic! Relive your childhood by getting your kids excited about the Grinch! (Get it here!)

White Christmas

My absolute FAVORITE Christmas movie is White Christmas. There hasn’t been one Christmas that I haven’t watched it at least once. While I realize some of you May have never seen this, to me this is what Christmas is all about. It may not be an exciting one for little ones but when they get older it would be a great one to share with them. It follows two men act that teams up with a sister act who work together to put on a show for a struggling inn in Vermont. It is a musical but the songs are ones to remember! (Get in the holiday spirit with this movie!)

Start a fun Movie Marathon tradition this year!

There are so many Christmas movies out there, but this list is by far, the best ones that I have come to enjoy over the years. I cannot wait to share them with my little ones throughout their childhood. Get your kids excited about the holiday season by watching a few of these Christmas movies together.

Maybe whip up a sweet little treat to share and some hot cocoa or cider! Get into the holiday spirit with your children this year by starting this fun tradition!

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