25 Days of Holiday Traditions Series,  Family

Day 3: Give Back to Your Community

When it comes to this time of year, I would rather give than receive. I want to teach my children the importance of giving when they get older too.

This holiday season, make it a tradition to Give Back. Teach your children the true meaning of Christmas by helping others. They are never too young to start learning about giving back. Be an example.

  • Volunteer at a local soup kitchen
  • Make sandwiches for the homeless
  • Participate in “giving trees” at churches ( buy a gift for a child in need)
  • Give away old clothes and jackets to Salvation Army and Goodwill
  • Offer to shovel neighbors’ driveways
  • Make care packages for deployed military
  • Make a meal for a family in your neighborhood or church community

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There so many ways to give back to your community. Just open the internet and start searching!

Why it’s Important to Teach our Kids to Give Back

Growing up, giving back was always important to my family. Every Christmas, we would pick different cards off the “giving tree” at my church. Each of us kids would be in charge of a card that had another child’s name and what they need.

My mom would then take us to the store to pick out the gifts for these other children. We would be in charge of wrapping the gift ourselves and bringing it back to the tree at our church.

We also would give away old clothes that didn’t fit anymore to other families in need.

Making sandwiches for the homeless was another great way we gave back!

When we set an example for our kids, they watch us and learn what is right. By showing our children the importance of giving back, they grow up to have that same mentality and kindness for people they meet.

Make it a family tradition to give back to others around you!

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  • Dawne Richards

    Such great ideas, and so important! We started a family tradition about ten years ago – each of our three children gives a gift via Heifer. We download and print the Heifer card and put it on our tree. It’s a nice reminder to them of how lucky we are, and they all look forward to seeing what they gave.

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