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5 Tips for Getting Your Laundry Done Faster and Easier

Now that I have a toddler and two infants, I have a lot of laundry to do. Between babies spitting up nineteen thousand times a day to my son caking his shirt in mac n cheese and applesauce. It piles up quickly in this house.

After months of going through and separating clothes and washing things in order, I have come up with a system that allows me to get laundry done faster and easier. I want to help you get there too! Here are some tips to try at home!

#1 Combine Loads as Much as


When it comes to doing laundry for your family, you feel like there are never ending piles everywhere in the house. You may feel like you will never get it all done.

Well try combining as much as you can! I never wash our clothes seperate only the girls. If I have more clothes to wash than my washer can hold, then I will split it in half. I combine as much as I can so I am not doing laundry all day. (Certain types of clothing I wash delicate together though. There are exceptions to this one.)

By doing this, it will save you time and money!

#2 Wash Cold for Everything (except special material)

I have learned the hard way when it comes to washing my clothes. As a woman, most of you can assume I own a handful of bright colors such as reds and pinks. With that being said, I am sure we have all dealt with the “bleeding reds”.

To avoid this catastrophe, simply wash everything on cold water. Since I combine my colors, cold water is the best option to avoid my whites magically turning pink!

The only things I wash on warm are towels, sheets/blankets, and other clothes that require warm water. This definitely saves me a lot of time for the simple fact that I have LESS loads to do!

#3 Schedule Days for Laundry

If I have a lot of laundry to do, I usually split it between three days of the week. By doing this, I don’t get stressed out and I am able to get laundry done earlier in the day.

If you have more than one child in your house, I am sure you get up to your knees in wash sometimes. Try scheduling two of your kids one day then your laundry and sheets the next. Something like that could definitely help make it less stressful and easier to handle.

#4 Wait till everyone NEEDS clothes

There is nothing I hate more than two or three things going through the wash for one load. It is just a waste of a wash! Having a full basket to work with is my kind of load!

If I have more clothes to wear I tend to push doing the laundry a day or so. Since my husband is in the military, I have to make sure all of his uniform stuff is washed so usually I wash it all after every rotation (6 days). So I really don’t do our laundry for a week and we are fine.

Now for some of you, waiting a week might not be feasible but you get the picture. Finding the length of time that works for your family will help you feel less stressed about laundry. It will all get done!

#5 Teach your Kids

I think it is always important to start teaching your kids life skills at a young age. By doing this, you are engraining in their minds that they are capable of taking care of themselves.

No matter what age, (obviously infant to 2 might be pushing it, but you never know till you try!) your child can learn to do one thing at a time. Allow them to try!

If they are younger, let them help load the clothes in the washer or help put in the dryer. If they are older show them how to do start a load and then have them try. Do this everytime they are home to get them used to it.

This will help them get to a point of doing it on their own. And lucky you will have one load less on your back!

Empowering your kids to do more for themselves will help them in the long run, trust me!

Hopefully these tips help you have a less stressful day of laundry!

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