5 Reasons a Mom Needs “Me” Time

When I became a mom, there were definitely some things I wasn’t expecting and things I was. As moms, we sacrifice alot for the ones we love and tend to focus less on ourselves. I know I am guilty of this. Are you?

I knew when I became a mom, my life wouldn’t be the same. I wouldn’t be able to do a lot of the same things but I was ready for the change.

I just didn’t expect to let myself go that first year with my son. It didn’t just affect me but my son, my marriage and friendships. To this day, I still struggle to focus on myself but I do more to try to get that time than I did before.

When it comes to focusing on ourselves, often times we feel guilty when we do because we think we are seen as being selfish. But really, we are taking care of others by taking care of ourselves. Having some “me” time is important. Here is why:

  1. We feel better as a whole. When we are able to focus on taking care of ourself, our physical, emotional, and mental health improve. Just by doing something we enjoy doing, we feel better overall. We feel healthier. Our bodies feel better. We feel more joy than sadness. We feel more excitement than disappointment. We have more positive thoughts than negative. It all adds up to make us feel better as a whole.
  2. More focused and motivated. When we take time for ourselves, our level of motivation improves. We feel like we can accomplish more when we take the time we need for ourselves. We want to do more. Our focus on work or housework or other projects going on will be much better than if you take no time at all for yourself.
  3. We are able to be happy more often. Taking “me” time does wonders to our mood. When we are able to enjoy things we love to do, we feel much happier. We feel happier with our life and the situation we are in. We feel happier with the people we are with. Without this feeling, it creates a negative domino-effect throughout our lives and affects the ones around us. When we see others in our life unhappy, we become unhappy with ourselves. And the cycle will go on and on until we are burnt out. It is not a good cycle to be in, trust me.
  4. If we take care of ourselves, we can better take care of others. By taking more “me” time, we are taking better care of others too. The daily stressors of being a mom can sometimes overwhelm us. We break down and lose sight to who we are. Soon others in our life become affected too because we aren’t taking care of ourselves. That is why it is important to have “me” time; to get away from all the stress for alittle while. To be able to calm ourselves and realize we are doing the best that we can. Only then are we able to take care of others in our life better. We have a clearer headspace to work with.
  5. We are BETTER mothers. When we are able to focus on ourselves and enjoy things on our own, we find a different perspective on ourselves. We feel better about ourselves. We find what helps us relieve stress in our lives. By taking care of us, we become better at what we do. We can give more to our children when we know we are taken care of and happy. We can be better moms.

How do I find the time to do this?

This is the hardest part about motherhood. Finding the time to focus on yourself is difficult but also necessary. Your sanity needs it!

Schedule it in! Set aside time! Ask your partner to help watch the kids or ask someone to watch them for you. Do what you need to do to get yourself that time. It is imperative that you take care of yourself otherwise you will be unhappy. And everyone around you will feel it too.

Your children and partner need you. By taking care of yourself first, you are able to be a better person, mother, and friend. You are able to be one step CLOSER to finding the best version of yourself.

Find things and activities that you enjoy and make you happy. Set aside time for these things and make it a habit in your life. Start today!

You will only get better with practice!

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