15 Ways to Better Yourself for the Exhausted, Busy Mama

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When it comes to being a mom, I think we can all agree that we push ourselves to the limits sometimes. We feel we have to in order to keep up with everything. We exhaust ourselves and plan a million things at once. Praying we can get through it with the little energy we have left.

How can we make this better for ourselves? How can we break these habits?

Here are 15 sure ways you can better yourself and manage your crazy, busy life!

  1. Better Self-Care
  2. Organize your crazy schedule using a planner (Plan Your Day Better with these Journals)
  3. Make attainable goals for yourself (to-lists you can finish completely everyday)
  4. Daily Exercise (walk, yoga, core, strength, cardio, stairs, baby & me workouts)
  5. Daily Affirmations every morning
  6. Less screen time
  7. Calm Bedtime Routine
  8. Relaxation time (Best Products for Relaxation)
  9. Prayer (Become more Mindful and Intentional with these Prayer Books)
  10. Reflection through journaling (The Best Feminine Journals to Get You Started )
  11. Healthier diet
  12. Coffee/Tea “me time”
  13. Ask for Help from loved ones
  14. Stay Hydrated
  15. Connect with friends in your life

It all starts with Self-Care!

Being a mom, we don’t usually think about ourselves as often as we do our children. But I think it is important that we take care ourselves.

After my son was born, I didn’t take much time taking care of me. I never felt good about myself. I felt lonely and unhappy for quite some time but worked hard to suppress those feelings.

Now that I have my girls, I realize if I don’t care for myself better I will get burnt out and have the same feelings all over again.

Doing simple things like showering, getting hair/nails done, enjoying a cup of coffee, getting fresh air, taking breaks when I need it, enjoying a favorite hobby of mine, taking time for myself, etc. These are all examples of things I do.

Organize, Organize, Organize

If you are anything like me, I have always struggled with staying organized. If I didn’t have a plan in place, I wouldn’t feel motivated or get much accomplished.

I am slowly getting to a place where I feel organized again. I started making daily to-do lists to help me put down what I wanted to get done each day.

Having a daily planner is another great tool to incorporate into your day. Always knowing what your schedule looks like on paper can make it alot less stressful than it would be jumbled in your head.

Attainable Goals Meet Success

Whether you are a SAHM or a working mom, you should be making goals for yourself. Goals that you can reach and are confident in accomplishing.

Make goals that you know you can get done without stressing out. It is important to set yourself up for success, not make unrealistic expectations of yourself. This only leads to further disappointment in yourself leaving you unmotivated to continue to move forward.

Get Moving Around

Now that I am a SAHM, I realize that I spend quite a bit of time sitting due to my girls nursing every 3 hours for 30 minutes. I am constantly having to remind myself to get up and complete a task to get myself moving around.

I can definitely get lazy and I notice a difference when I am more lazy. If I want to keep a healthy lifestyle, incorporating exercise is important in achieving this.

You don’t have to go all crazy with workout regimens or protein shakes or lifting weights. But having some type of movement that gets your blood flowing is beneficial!

Creating Confidence in Yourself

I know for me I struggle with having positive thoughts about myself. Recently I have started to set time iut of my day to write down affirmations then repeating them out loud to myself.

Saying affirmations out loud to yourself will not only establish a positive habit but will also help you gain the confidence you need back in yourself. Even just carrying around affirmation cards to pull out through out your day could help you in so many ways!

Allowing Your Mind to Unwind Before Bed

Personally, I know I fall victim to playing on my phone too late or catching up on tasks I wasn’t able to finish earlier. But technology before bed only stimulates my brain to stay awake longer. It also strains my eyes even further.

Putting technology aside an hour before I fall asleep will help my mind unwind and calm down. This will also allow my body to get much needed rest after an exhausting day.

Our bodies need to rest in order to regain the energy we need to do it all over again. If you aren’t allowing your mind unwind at night, your mind will keep you up at night and your body won’t feel well rested. Thus leaving you feeling even more tired the next day.

Choose to Better Take Care of Yourself

I know that you are all busy and it is hard to find time to do the things we want to do. In the end, we need to take better care of ourselves to better take care of others in our lives.

You need that “me” time to feel like there is still a “you” inside. Take those steps to better yourself and gain more energy throughout your busy days!

Create a more positive outlook on your life and yourself! You deserve to be just as happy as everyone else in your life!


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