15 Must-Ask Questions in Your Third Trimester

Pregnancy has its ups and downs. The first trimester is spent curled up around the toilet because you can’t seem to keep your breakfast down. The second trimester you start buying bigger clothes because your bump is finally showing! But the third trimester, that is when stuff gets real.

Reality sets in.

This baby is going to be here before I know it. I don’t have their crib set up yet because we have been too busy fighting over what name we are going to pick. There are so many things that we get hit with at once when we hit that final push. Our bodies are also pushed to its limit and we just lose all our energy.

Being pregnant comes with a lot of questions but I think I had more questions about labor itself. When I was pregnant with my son, I always had anxiety about what to expect when the time came.

What would the contractions feel like? What do I do if my water breaks? Will I make it to the hospital in time?

If you are currently pregnant, then I am sure you have had these questions come up at one point or another. It is all normal so don’t think you are the first mom to have questions.

Even when I was pregnant with my girls, I still had questions about what to expect and how to prepare. Preparing for a twin labor is definitely different than a singleton but nonetheless both are still nerve wracking.

It is better to prepared than stay in the dark till the time comes.

So I have come up with some essential questions to help you feel more prepared the next time you have an OB visit.

Make sure to ask a handful of these if not all the questions to help you prepare.

15 Questions to Ask OB in 3rd Trimester

  1. What will the real contractions feel like?
  2. What is the difference between false and real labor contractions?
  3. When should I head to the hospital?
  4. What activities should I avoid in the 3rd trimester?
  5. What should I expect in the delivery room?
  6. What are some symptoms I should look out for?
  7. What happens if my water breaks?
  8. What are some safe exercises to help with back and hip discomfort?
  9. What amount of exercise is safe in this trimester?
  10. If I go past my due date, what will you want to do?
  11. What will happen if baby is in a breech position for labor?
  12. Who do I call if I am having contractions or problems in the pregnancy?
  13. What is the difference between back labor and just discomfort from pregnancy?
  14. What birth classes do you recommend to take?
  15. What is an epidural and what should I expect if I choose to have one?

When pregnant for the first time, your doctor will be your BEST resource to answer any questions that you might have about labor, delivery, or anything pregnancy-related. Coming prepared to your appointment with a few of these questions will help you leave that appointment more informed.

You won’t know unless you don’t ask! There is no such thing as a stupid question. Remember that!

You want to be at your best and to know what to expect when it comes to birthing your child. Even if this is your third child, it is never too late to get a refresher on some things you haven’t had to think about for quite some time.

Don’t wait to ask these questions. Be honest with your OB and everything will work out!

You Got this Mama!!!

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